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I discovered punk cause i was being picked on in high school. the studded vest was armor between me and their harsh words. sometimes it would hurt them more then it hurt me when they tried to jump me cause i was smaller. it was a home for freaks like me and for everyone, unfortunately punk has lied to me. theres so much hatred in this city sometimes. theres statutory rape, there frequent users of hate speech, and theres fuckers ruining it for everyone. but you can change. i friend of mine, whom i didn't know too well at the time, herd me say a line about fight in parking lots. he knew it was directed towards him and had a moral epiphany and stopped getting into fights regardless of how justified he felt. this ment the world to me. knowing that my words that the power to change at least one person. I LOVE YOU PAT!


The most beautiful words ive ever herd were grunted over 4 distorted chords
with the intention to provoke thought
and not violence
but i guess it wasn't loud enough cause theres still getting in fights in parking lots
id believe your acab mentality when you protect and serve untill then
all punks are useless
so you better burn your burn the system patch
cause untill your setting fire to the white house
your just lighting blunts
im all for being young and having fun
but i build my home out of punk so stop throwing 40s in the kitchen
im not religious but i read the inserts slipped into seven inches as if they are scriptures
my church doesn't believe in hate speech
cause weve been hated for so long we cant fathom the idea of passing it on
and that why we became punks
but along time ago i traded in my patch pants for some compassion


from Mouse Howl, released February 2, 2015




Alexander the Terrible Las Vegas, Nevada

Unfortunately Alexander the terrible is no more but alice is rapping under Lil Lavedy.

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