Not My Revolution

from by Alexander the Terrible

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dealing with it.


im a powerhouse of passion fueling pilot lights
that by the night can barely flicker
whiskeys not as flammable as you might think
think again kid give me bricks ill build a bridge
give me burben and ill learn to burn them
yearning for the feeling of worth within my words
disturbed my my urge to curse and burn the world
im worthless
but conveniently obedient in the work place
but defiant in life i cant define right
and i wanna die in a riot and not by suicide
so come on pig start writtin
that tear gas soaked suicide not

im rockin back and forth
on a broken rocking chair
no fear of falling over
familiar with the floor
im rockin back and forth
on a broken rocking chair
no fear of falling over
i wont be getting up in the morning

if i cant dance its not my revolution
im sorry i emma goldman im not gonna do it
if i cant get out of bed to pay the rent
dont expect these legs to move with graces
there aint no twist left in these hips.
but theres a brick in my backpack just incase
id still kill a cop for touching these wrists
cause i know what id do to a friend
look at this face and tell me that im pretty
no seriously do it i really fucking need it
im narcissistic and incompetent
witch is blatant arrogance not confidence
aint no one to blame for my pain but myself

god doesn't exist
but oh do i wish
i had the bliss
of feeling like he did
its a gift for those who do
and hell for those dont
i know that it aint real
but hell feels likes here


from Mouse Howl, released February 2, 2015




Alexander the Terrible Las Vegas, Nevada

Unfortunately Alexander the terrible is no more but alice is rapping under Lil Lavedy.

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