Mouse Howl

by Alexander the Terrible

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released February 2, 2015

Alice Villa- Uke guitar and vocals
Nick Smirl- drums

Recorded by Amado Aaron Prieto of "So Not Psyched Las Vegas"
Mixed and mastered by Christopher Wyse Lund
Cover art by William Moore




Alexander the Terrible Las Vegas, Nevada

Unfortunately Alexander the terrible is no more but alice is rapping under Lil Lavedy.

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Track Name: Mouse Howl
Im making ghost out of bottles
im removing the liquor and replacing it with apology letters
and sending them down stream to a beautiful river that'll never again reach the ocean
theyll shatter across the banks like the banks have broken me
theyll be found by a desert mouse and howled out the the horizon
the scorpions may have venom
and were there bones out on their sleeves
but we have each other
Track Name: Saguaro
we are saguaro
we are forever
we are build to survive
in the harshest of climates

we are not endangered
we are dangerous

you killed my brethren
all in the name of land
your plaster will crumble
but i will still remain

you built your city
on my carcass
and your rotting flesh
will be the birth of us again
Track Name: God Damn It Darwin
If theres a god well he fucking hates us
wants us to suffer and then to pray
well i was raised round fire and brimstone
and i know that hells not far away

god damn it darwin to do what you can
to get rid of us oh give us guns
god damn it darwin to do what you can
to get rid of us oh give us bombs
god damn it darwin to do what you can
untill theres nothing left

there's nothing here to believe in
concrete cemeteries stained with blood
rotting teeth and dying of cancer
are the only thing i know to be truth

im one step closer to death
with each breathe that i take
and im one step away
from killing all of you
Track Name: Deep Beneath The Dirt
all the folklore
that we adore
about vagrants are
so romantic
untill your keep warm by setting your dreams on fire
untill you wanna leave but youre so damn tired

deep beneath the dirt theres a burden
the unherd words never uttered
they lack the courage

for every artist
that harbors heartache
theres a person who cant
live without there creation
i use other peoples confessions of depression to ease my burden
and thats greatest lesson art will ever teach ya

lets just pretend we had all the money in the world
not a worry not a struggle

if it wasn't for heartache
thered be no art to make
Track Name: When The Desert Takes Over The Meadows
a rain
will come through the valley
and wash this place away

the washes will burst out onto the street
glass will chime down the new found creeks
the creeps on the strip will die with sex on their lips
you know as well as me they deserved it

when the desert take over the meadows

the palm trees will die and so will the lawns
the only thing left will be the parking lots
that the homebums call their beds
each night as they black out with rigs by their heads

this city will never be pretty
and not an ounce of paint will ever change this
the desert takes over
Track Name: November
dying wont be the worst thing to happen this month

as strong as i am i cannot stand
death is coming oh death
the roof i have is not that strong
if the wind picks up it might tear it right off

i keep my head down
hope these four walls do not fall
i dont look up
cause i might that i can dream

weak weary and stressed
my will to live has gotten thin
i might give in
cause i aint better that no one

im brittle bones and badly broken
inebriated and full of toxics
it aint much but here i am
hope i am a gift to someone
wrapped in thorns and taped with razors
full of fear and disclaimers
i aint better i aint better
gonna do the best i can

dying wont be the worst thing to happen this month
Track Name: Not My Revolution
im a powerhouse of passion fueling pilot lights
that by the night can barely flicker
whiskeys not as flammable as you might think
think again kid give me bricks ill build a bridge
give me burben and ill learn to burn them
yearning for the feeling of worth within my words
disturbed my my urge to curse and burn the world
im worthless
but conveniently obedient in the work place
but defiant in life i cant define right
and i wanna die in a riot and not by suicide
so come on pig start writtin
that tear gas soaked suicide not

im rockin back and forth
on a broken rocking chair
no fear of falling over
familiar with the floor
im rockin back and forth
on a broken rocking chair
no fear of falling over
i wont be getting up in the morning

if i cant dance its not my revolution
im sorry i emma goldman im not gonna do it
if i cant get out of bed to pay the rent
dont expect these legs to move with graces
there aint no twist left in these hips.
but theres a brick in my backpack just incase
id still kill a cop for touching these wrists
cause i know what id do to a friend
look at this face and tell me that im pretty
no seriously do it i really fucking need it
im narcissistic and incompetent
witch is blatant arrogance not confidence
aint no one to blame for my pain but myself

god doesn't exist
but oh do i wish
i had the bliss
of feeling like he did
its a gift for those who do
and hell for those dont
i know that it aint real
but hell feels likes here
Track Name: Punx
The most beautiful words ive ever herd were grunted over 4 distorted chords
with the intention to provoke thought
and not violence
but i guess it wasn't loud enough cause theres still getting in fights in parking lots
id believe your acab mentality when you protect and serve untill then
all punks are useless
so you better burn your burn the system patch
cause untill your setting fire to the white house
your just lighting blunts
im all for being young and having fun
but i build my home out of punk so stop throwing 40s in the kitchen
im not religious but i read the inserts slipped into seven inches as if they are scriptures
my church doesn't believe in hate speech
cause weve been hated for so long we cant fathom the idea of passing it on
and that why we became punks
but along time ago i traded in my patch pants for some compassion